Arcade Wave

Tribute to the arcade games that I grew up with. Loading…

The Price

  What is the price of art? More if it contains a curvaceous bottom? For additional, recursive, meta, commentary, the original picture is its own Bitcoin price tag.   The Original – signed Limited edition of 1 –  is only available for Bitcoin purchase –  scan the QR code to […]

Rotten Secrets

  A reminder that anything as pure as this bowel of kaki must have a dirty motive lurking somewhere. The splendid hotel lobby with a cockroach in the bath. The holier than thou Minister with his rotten secrets. Heaven vs Hell. Kaki vs Kaka. Purulent Phoney Perfection. 40x40cm Acrylic on Canvas.  

Dinning Room Portrait

Portrait in the dining room. I let myself be influenced for this one, inspired by the Nabis, especially Édouard Vuillard.  Am very tempted to have a tentacle creeping out from under the table, or possibly some nasty spiders legs almost lost in the shadows. Acrylic on Canvas, 40x50cm

Boy on a Bike

A lonely boy cycling circles on a sunny spring day. One of my favourites (if I do say so myself) I like the wistful melancholic nature of the scene. Boy on a Bike, Portmellon, Cornwall. Acrylic, 40x50cm