Silk Screen – Arcade Wave

  A more conventional format for the print.


She knows something we don’t. Acrylic on Canvas 80x100cm

Space Adventure

A deep space mission for the intrepid EFF Marines. Keeping fragile human minds safe against the forces of the Sobornost. Fighting hostile replicators and Hegemonizing Swarms across the galaxy.

The Rite

Nyarlathotep calls through dreams and time to the weak. Mercurial forms. Craven, chaos, hate. Tropes and Memes from before time.

Arcade Wave

Tribute to the arcade games that I grew up with.

The Price

  What is the price of art? More if it contains a curvaceous bottom? For additional, recursive, meta, commentary, the original picture is its own Bitcoin price tag.   The Original – signed Limited edition of 1 –  is only available for Bitcoin purchase –  scan the QR code to transfer the Coin.