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Denial (Singularity’s Children Book 1)

Book One of Singularity’s Children Available from Amazon   An oblique but familiar future. Biotech and neural interfaces have given voice to locked-in intelligences, mosquitos are subsidised and the internet is dying. It is a world desiccated by soulless algorithms, pacified beneath the battle-suit’s boot and numbed by the bewitching voice of computational propaganda. Struggling for dignity and against irrelevance, rebellious minds must seek meaning beyond the cultural desert: Stella Sagong struggles with poverty and […]

Book Cover – Singularity’s Children

Early Mock Up for Book One of Singularity’s Children.  A near future Hard Sci Fi adventure novel set in a world where technology is becoming increasingly opaque. Humanity and dignity are crowded out by algorithms optimised to extract the remaining value from a tired planet. A brave few heroes and plucky Billionaires must fight the fascist corporate vampire squid for the soul of humanity.     photo sources: www.liftport.com cc3.0 www.flickr.com/tetsumo cc2.0